Become a MineShack Donator

Donator features:


Sensei Baker

Your channel in the donator’s section

Your channel will be on top of the server, right over the Lobby!

Bigger Avatar

Because 4 mb is bigger than 0.2 mb.

Donator icon

You get a nice shield with multiple colors next to your name!

Move from Lobby

Move your friends that are connected in the Lobby to your channel!

Poke and Private Messages

Do not wait to get those two with the ranksystem, get them right away!

Custom Group Assigner

Assign yourself groups to show everyone what games your are playing!

Group Assigner

Reserved Slot

Donator can connect on the server at any moment!

Send Messages to Offline Users

And more upcoming features…

Our goal is to make our users happy!

Why do you accept donations and what will you do with the money?

MineShack is a big project and we have a lot of expenses to cover to run it. By example, we need to pay a 300 USD/year TeamSpeak license for offering free private channels. This doesn't include our server fees and DDoS protection fees. All the money will be reinvested in the server. Be assured that we won't be making any money on your back!

How does it work?

Donator Status costs 10 USD. You pay with Paypal and it will automatically add you donator when the payment is COMPLETED. There are several prices in the Option box, but they all give the same rank. When you are ready to pay, find your TeamSpeak 3 Unique ID and paste it in the "Your TeamSpeak Unique ID" field of the Paypal button. Instructions to find your TeamSpeak 3 Unique ID are below.


We reserve the right to revoke the Donator rank temporary or permanently if you abuse it. This shouldn't happen however, because the main purpose of the donation is to help MineShack. By donating, you show that you care about the server and want the best for it. We are lucky to have you!

How to find your TeamSpeak 3 Unique ID?

TeamSpeak3 Menu

Identities Window

  1. In TeamSpeak, navigate to Settings->Identities.


Reinstalled windows without backing up your identity?

Contact us with the live chat so we can give you back your donator status.

Ready to buy?

Your TeamSpeak Unique ID

Make sure you entered the correct Unique ID!

We cannot refund the donations!

Please note that your channel has to be placed on top manually by an administrator, so this won't be done right away. You can write the name of your channel in the Paypal transaction or contact us after the order to have it placed there.